Several mini posts in one

I had a menu planning post all drafted and ready to go. But I forgot to hit “publish”. Friday I put all the ingredients in the bread machine and forgot to hit “start”. This morning I put dinner in the crock pot….and forgot to hit “start”. I am on a ROLL. Thankfully the theme for my menu this week was “easy”. With very little prep necessary (because the weekend was PACKED), it’s also very forgiving so rearranging after this morning’s snafu was no sweat. Tonight we had pizza. Homemade even! I had to miss Krav to make it happen but my family is my priority. This time my actions actually matched what I say. Tomorrow we’ll have pulled pork sandwiches & tots. Wednesday we’ll have some sort of cheesy chicken rice casserole that I’m making up on the fly. Thursday is taco soup. Friday is my hubby’s birthday so I don’t know what we’re doing because I’m lame and don’t plan those kinds of things well. Also? How the hell did we get to the middle of January already?

Pretend there’s some sort of fun, witty segue here. I’m tired and my brain seems to be in some sort of a creative rebellion.

Sunday morning I was not functioning well at all. I didn’t sleep well, I was light headed and groggy and foggy and didn’t have coffee until we got to church and I could stumble into the cafe next door. TheKid started talking almost as soon as we got out of the van. Nonstop. And we park across the street and up a hill from the church/coffee shop. By the time we ordered, his voice was just a buzzing beside my head and I finally had to look at him and say “Please. Stop. Talking.” So. Tonight. He’s playing a video game and I hear from the living room “WHY AM I GETTING SHOT?!!?” I answered sweetly “Probably because someone is pointing a weapon in your direction and pulling the trigger.” He huffed and responded (yes, he actually responded…isn’t it GREAT) “Yes. But WHY is he shooting me?” My reply….”I don’t know. Has he ever met you first thing in the morning before he’s had coffee?” (And I love that he actually responded AGAIN…tersely and through obviously gritted teeth  “No. Mother.”)

(Insert segue #2)

The break was really nice but classes start again next week. I’m only taking two again this semester: Biological Basis for Behavior and Intro to Counseling Skills. I’ve been told that BBfB is basically Anatomy & Physiology lite. And since I pulled off a a decent grade in A&P, I’m actually kinda looking forward to this one that will focus more on what I want to study and less on the structure of the eyeball or ear. The syllabus and schedule look a little daunting but the above referenced source said it’s much easier than it looks. And Intro to Counseling Skills…HELLO. I’m super excited for that one!

(Insert clever wrap up that ties everything together nicely….see you next time!)

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