No Title Can Convey – Please Read

I received the below letter in my inbox just now. This is from the guy who started “Wipe Every Tear” (the organization I am traveling with to the Philippines this summer).

There are so many worthwhile causes and organizations. I know people get tired of all the cries for help. And there have been enough “sketchy” organizations that I understand how people can become jaded and suspicious. I get it. I know. I’ve been there. But I can’t NOT share this. I’ve sat and talked to the writer of this letter. I know he and his wife sacrifice for this work. I have friends who have been personally and deeply touched by this issue and the people mentioned below. Wipe Every Tear and the little family of girls they are nurturing…they’re close to my heart.

I’ve mentioned this before – thanks to my husband I did not have to fund raise for my trip. I was very convicted about that from the beginning. I would have scraped and saved to go but I was not going to ask my friends and family to pay for it. But this is something I’m willing to go out on a limb for. This is something I’m willing to beg and plead for. These girls need support. Not for the rest of their lives. But until they can finish their education and support themselves. And in some cases…until they can grow up. (Fun side note: Most (all?) the original girls to the Hope House are completing their education with the goal to turn around and use that to help more girls and Wipe Every Tear.)

So please. Read. Don’t just skim. Actually read this. And consider this plea.


Today was a joyous day.  A kind of day that you hope, pray and dream about, where a beautiful little girl comes into your care.  She was wearing “Hello Kitty” flip-flops had a cute little smile and looked to be a little older than the girls in the photo below.  She made a cute little necklace out of clear beads a couple days before with our good friends, William and Mercy from Navotas, an area of Metro Manila along the bay who took her in temporarily.

She is 1 of 16 siblings. Her mom earns $50-$75 per month as a part time street sweeper, and her father is a “diver” who earns about the same income.  He wades and swims through underground  sewers to remove and clear debris to keep the sewers flowing.  Since the family has no running water, he is unable to take a shower or bath after a day of diving.  The family must buy drinking water from the local store.  They do not have enough money to eat every day.

William and Mercy said to me tonight ‘Coach, she is always hungry”.  At her home, when she does eat, she eats rice and occasionally some fried pork rinds (like the kind you buy in the store in America).

Abalina is a very cute little girl, who has had no choice but to prostitute herself since the age of 12 to buy food for her siblings and parents. Her pimp “takes care of her”.  She earns around $13 per night for 3-4 nights of work between midnight and 4:00 in the morning, and she is the main provider in her family.  She had to quit 6th grade because it was her duty to bring home the bacon. 

Little Abalina is a little older than these girls.
William and Mercy who partner with us said to me: “Coach, our hearts are broken.  We couldn’t believe our eyes… William and Mercy have their own Kingdom journey story: as pastors of a little church in the slums, one day they told me, “Coach we used to see these girls as dirty and sexual… but now Jesus has given us a heart for the poor and broken and the untouchables of our neighborhood… Coach, now we dearly love these girls and see them how God sees them…”.  ”Coach, the men wait in line all night long for their “turn” to be with little Abalina…”
After they rescued her and received written documentation from her parents to care for her, Abalina was safe in their home and she was found playing with other girls.  ”Coach, she would color with crayons for hours, and this was her favorite thing to do…” 
It’s NOT OK that men wait in line for their “turn”.  TEAM, I AM ASKING YOU TO PRAY FOR ABALINA.  I’m asking you to pray for her and ask God to raise up sponsors for her.  At this time, we don’t have near the number of sponsors for our girls.  Last night, our director Becky said to me “Coach, we don’t have the funds, but how can we say ‘no” to caring for her… do we even have a choice?” 

I’m asking you to pray for our girls.  They need so much healing.  And will you do this?:  Would you please pass this on to your friends, family, and maybe your complete contact list?  Would you post this to your Facebook?  We are in great need of finding sponsors for our precious girls and young women.  With confidence, you can tell them that 100% of their $35 monthly sponsorship donation goes directly to the care of our precious girls.  You can direct them here to do so:!donate/covk

Last night, William, Mercy, Becky, and I sat around a table here at the guest house, and we cried out to God with tears in our own eyes for this little one.  We are wrecked and broken, and that’s all I have left in me to write.
Please pray and ask your friends to consider sponsoring one of our girls.
With my love, I thank you.
Kenny Sacht
Our short story in video: Wipe Every Tear
To sponsor one of our girls for only $35 per month, click here: Sponsor a Trafficked Girl, then check the box and write “Girl Sponsorship”

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