Chocolate Rain Down Like Manna

I spent two weeks in the Philippines recently. In fact I’ve only been back in the US a week and a half. I’ve been home almost as long as I was over there. I cannot begin to tell you how surreal that is. I will be posting about that trip over the next little bit.

One day at lunch a team member started praying aloud and passionately in her southern Baptist church lady voice “Oh dear Lord. You are unchanging! You are the same today as yesterday! You made manna rain down from the heavens for the Israelites and You can make chocolate rain down on us now. Please dear Lord!….” We all laughed and went on with our meal. Within a couple of hours, another team member (who was NOT at lunch with us) walked into our room with a bag of chocolate, handed it to her and said “I was in town and thought of you…” At which point I looked at her and said “YOU ARE PRAYING FOR EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!!! ALWAYS!!”

The incident led to a serious discussion though. God IS unchanging. He IS capable of raining down chocolate on the spoiled Americans just as He is capable of raining down manna on the starving people in the world. So why doesn’t He? Why doesn’t He just…take care of it? Our conclusion might be a bit obvious to you. You may have had similar conversations. Matthew West has a song with the same message. The Israelites of the Old Testament didn’t have the Church. “Christians” didn’t exist. God HAS created the means to provide in this day and age. He created us.

I tell you that anecdote for a reason. Our trip to the Philippines had a very distinct and unique purpose. We invited girls that were trafficked into the sex trade to go on a “Girls Getaway” with us. We paid for everything. All they had to do is show up. Imagine telling girls that have been tricked, lied to and used that they are being given an all expense paid vacation to the beach with no strings attached. Imagine telling them they just have to get on a bus with people they don’t know early one morning when they get off work. Imagine how impossible this trip was. But God had a plan in mind. And twenty six girls showed up. We spent a week loving on them. We talked and swam and hiked. We played games and danced and sang. We ate together and painted our nails. And we told them they had an option. We told them about the Wipe Every Tear safe houses and the opportunity to go to school.

As of a couple of days ago, sixteen of those girls were in the care of Wipe Every Tear. Sixteen girls starting school. Sixteen girls with hope and embarking on a new life. Sixteen precious lives changing now and countless generations in the future.

That number is…unbelievably amazing. This just doesn’t happen in the world of “rescue and restoration”. But it did happen. I was there. I hugged them and held their hands. I talked with them and when they were tired from trying to keep up with our super fast American English, I sat next to them quietly. They aren’t unbelievable numbers, they are my sisters.

But in order for this future and hope to continue, these girls need sponsors. There are people doing the hard work “on the ground”. But they can’t finance everything too. That’s where we come in. Could God perform a miracle and shower down the funds? Yep. He could. He did. He created you. And me. And He placed us in the super privileged lives we have now. We can help sponsor a girl for $35/month. Thirty five dollars for a live renewed. Of course I’ll give you a link (clicky clicky). But please, feel free to ask me any questions. I’ll be sharing stories and pictures from the trip but this was too important to not mention from the beginning.

Filipino sisters singing a song about friendship to us our last night together. (Photo credit: Kenny Sacht)

Filipino sisters singing a song about friendship to us our last night together. (Photo credit: Kenny Sacht)

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