The gift of giving gifts

My husband ranks at Jedi Master level in the art of gift giving. He finds the perfect gifts, usually at a screaming deal. And often, it will not have even crossed your mind to want the item but you open the package to find something that fits your personality/lifestyle/hobbies/interests so precisely that you wonder how you could have ever overlooked it.

For example – my Christmas gift last year was a set of posters depicting the main characters from “Firefly“. It’s one of my favorite shows. I watch the one, lonely season that was produced at least once a year. So he found these posters, had the frames made and hung them in our room. I had never considered using Firefly decor in our room. But it’s so cool. I just stare at that wall sometimes in full fangirl geekdom.

He loves to give gifts. And he’s AMAZINGLY gifted at giving gifts. He also loves to receive gifts.

On the other hand….there’s me. Getting gifts stresses me out because I don’t want to disappoint the giver if I don’t love it enough…and I kinda wear my emotions/thoughts openly in my expressions so if they know me at ALL, they would know if I didn’t love it. (I should note that I have always been extremely happy that someone would take the time and energy to get me a gift.) (I should ALSO note that only once in my lifetime have I received a “bad” gift. But that’s another story. All that to say I don’t know why it’s still an issue for me.) And as far as giving gifts? I stink at it. Like – I’m really REALLY bad at it. My poor husband has endured seven years of lackluster gifts. Although, to be fair, I’ve never bought him a tie. Or socks. There was the year I got him slippers but he asked for those.

This year he finally gave up, made an Amazon wish list and emailed it to me. Part of me is sad that I seem to lack the ability to come up with the perfect creative, unexpected gift. But mostly? I’m just relieved. He won’t be totally surprised. But he’s guaranteed to like whatever I choose for him. And the list? Maybe one of the best gifts he’s ever given me.


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