Y Not Tri – Bike and Run Report

T1 –  3:39

What is there to say about transition? If you’re a triathlete, you just gasped at that transition time. No one else cares. I OBVIOUSLY wasn’t rushing. I was bent over at one point drying my feet and mentioned I was dizzy. Someone said “Um. Stand up.” Huh. Good advise. There are things I could do differently here but blah blah. Ultimately I put on shoes and a bike helmet and headed out.

Bike – 6 miles – 34:23

I expected my bike time to be slow. I expected this leg to be the most painful, both mentally and physically. And it was slow but it wasn’t painful either mentally OR physically. I was passed here. A LOT. But while that would normally bug me, it just…was. It was what was happening at that time and it did not phase me a bit. The course was flat. The day was gorgeous. There were fun, friendly people out there. I really just enjoyed pedaling along (Which could account partially for the time.) Somewhere in my last lap a woman passed me and I had the thought “I bet I can catch her.” I couldn’t. But I kept her in sight pretty much the rest of the lap. One thing to note on this part – I can NOT drink while on the bike. I can’t reach down, get my water bottle and put it back without falling over. So twice I stopped to get a drink. That probably only added a couple of minutes but it’s a skill I would like to learn. As far as my overall speed goes – that is just going to take time in the saddle.

T2- 2:12

How does it take 2 minutes to transition from bike to run when you don’t have to change shoes. Um. Hello. I had to get my earbuds in and music turned on! And say hi to my husband and son. And tell them I was NOT loading Pokemon Go while running…what? I’m not THAT casual of an athlete.

Run – 2 miles – 25:28

Ohhhh the run. The painful painful run. It was everything I expected from the bike and then some. I couldn’t catch my breath and slowed to a walk. I started a slow run and my right thigh cramped up. I slowed to a walk until it subsided then tried to run again and my side cramped. Walk…repeat…I started berating myself. My run was supposed to be strong! After what seemed like HOURS, I got to the half mile mark. Half mile. I glanced up and saw the woman who had passed me on the bike. I briefly considered trying to keep her in sight then dismissed the idea. I had decided I didn’t want to hurt. I consciously decided to “take it easy”.  But by the time I turned around and headed back, I could tell I was starting to oh so slowly gain ground on her. With a little less than a half mile to go I came along side her. She had slowed significantly and I could tell SHE had decided to embrace the hurt. I told her I had been chasing her most of the race. She said she was a slow runner and could walk faster but she had made a bet with herself. I praised her decision. I told her I didn’t care if she could walk faster, she was running and I was impressed. She didn’t seem like she wanted company. She was in a zone. So I went ahead and ran the rest of the way in. But I made sure I cheered super loud when I saw her cross the line.


I felt really good when I crossed the line although not so much when I got up from a brief nap later. And my left calf is still slightly sore. It was one of the worst cramps on the run and apparently it really was a doozy.  I briefly lamented my decision to walk so much during the last leg though. I had more to give. I was uncomfortable but not injured. But I didn’t. My final time was just over 1:18 and my first thought on seeing that was “I bet I can do it in under an hour next year.” Assuming of course that Jon is on board with the idea again. I don’t think anyone could do any distance of any race without support. And I couldn’t do it if he wasn’t okay with it.

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