Menu Planning Monday – 12/04/2017

Here’s a tidbit about me. I’m a list maker and planner. But I don’t like those lists and plans to be set in stone. So if I have a meal planned and we decide to eat out, or that we (or I) want something else, no problem. A couple of weekends ago I came home from grocery shopping. Per the schedule/plan I had in my head, I was going to the gym next. But The Hubby had not left to visit his Grandma yet and asked if I wanted to go. I had not seen in her a few weeks and was not meeting anyone at the gym so I changed my plan. I didn’t make it to the gym that day and was perfectly okay with that. I don’t have to stick to my lists and plans.  I just need to HAVE a plan. It would actually stress me out if I felt like I had to stick to it – except for commitments obviously. If someone had been expecting me at the gym, I would have gone. Anyway. My point is sometimes (often times) I might “repeat” a meal from the prior week. That just means something changed and we never had it. Except for pizza. That I would eat every week.

Oh. And the smothered burritos I had planned for last Monday? I made them (although of course I switched up the recipe a smidge.) They were DELICIOUS. Everything I had hoped and more.

Monday:  Chicken pot pie – This was planned for last Tuesday but I didn’t prep it ahead of time so dinner would have been late. And I was feeling lazy. So we had frozen Tyson buffalo style chicken strips and tater tots instead. (Yum. I love those chicken strips. And with leftovers I made a salad for lunch the next day. Delish.) The pot pie is prepped and ready to go this time.

Tuesday: Taco soup – I’m working a bit late on Tuesday so my family will have a warm meal to come home to without waiting on me or eating out.

Wednesday: left overs/fend for yourself

Thursday: Pulled bbq pork, chips and a variety of snack cakes & cookies (I’m providing snacks for our small group at church.)

Friday/Saturday: No idea! It will just be The Hubby and I so we’ll wing it.

Sunday: pizza

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