Menu Planning Monday – 01/08/18

Happy 2018!!! I LOVE new years. I’m always optimistic and excited for the days to come and this year is no different. Our holidays were low key and laid back. Because we have boys with lives of their own now, I scheduled our family Christmas for 8:00am on New Years Day. We didn’t have plans to go out and we don’t usually stay up until midnight so I wasn’t concerned about the time……… And then we got an invite to go to friends’ house. “Okay. No big deal.” I thought “We probably won’t stay the whole time.” Except we DID. So I was not exactly in the Christmas spirit when my alarm went off on New Years Day. But a quick cup of coffee and setting out gifts turned that around right quick.

Anyway. Food. That’s the topic today, right? I did not do a lot of cooking over the holidays and even less planning. What I did cook was uninspired at best and this week hasn’t changed a lot.

Monday: grilled cheese sandwiches and soup (that I have in the freezer from last time we had this)

Tuesday: brupper (breakfast for supper) – I’ll make pancakes and heat up some beef Lil Smokies sausages. Yum. They’re my favorite.

Wednesday: Is youth group/fend for yourself night. I’ll be swimming (triathlon training season is fully upon us) so I’ll need to plan something in advance that’s pre-made or quick*.

Thursday: Life group night!

Friday: I’m hoping to have a girls night but there’s no definite plans so who knows!

But I would love to share with you one of my absolutely favorite recipes. (*This is probably what I’ll eat Wednesday night). My obsession lately has been gyros. I crave them all the time. I LOVE the warm, soft, fluffy pitas but I don’t need to eat them often (or at all). So my compromise is this recipe I found during The Husband and my ill fated Whole30 experiment several years ago. Deconstructed Gyro Salad Don’t be turned off by the Whole30/paleo label. This salad is AHHHMAZING. I have the meat cooking right now and it smells terrific. I don’t use lamb. I had some steaks in the freezer that needed to be used. I’ve also used stew meat. And while the dressing recipe included is to DIE for, you don’t have to go with that, especially if you’re not Whole30/paleo. I bought some tzatziki ranch in the specialty dressing section. It won’t be as good, but it’ll do the trick. You could probably also make the dressing with plain Greek yogurt although I haven’t tried that. If you like gyros but are watching your carbs for some reason, or just want to get more veggies in (who doesn’t?) try this. You’re welcome.

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