The One


About a month ago I arrived at the gym to swim. And like usual, I pulled off my rings and dropped them in the front pocket of my purse with my lip balm. I’ve done the same thing probably 100 times before. When I got back in my van about an hour later, I found the ring I wear on my right hand but not the one pictured above. I pulled everything out of the (small) pocket and it was not there. I searched the floor thinking maybe I had missed the purse & dropped it onto the floorboard. I used the flashlight on my phone and checked under seats and every nook and cranny…even though the van had not moved. Nothing. When I got home I checked my purse again, thinking maybe there was a hole in the lining or something. I took everything out of every pocket. I found nothing. I checked the van again. Nope. I really liked the ring and I had been wearing it in place of my wedding set since it is too big on me now. So I was really disappointed and frustrated. But ultimately, I paid $30 for it over 12 years ago so I went on with life.

Last week I was on the way to an appointment when a song came on the radio. There was a line that exists in probably half a dozen songs. “You left the 99 for me”. (Or something with that idea) And every other time I have heard that line, I have skipped over it or dismissed it. Of course He leaves the 99 for the 1 but I’m part of the 99. That day I felt myself getting a little irritated though. Because I’m part of the 99 and He keeps leaving me. And I immediately had a thought. “But you’re also the one. Every time you doubt or fear. Every time you try to take back control. Every time you put something before me. Every time I come after you and gently bring you back to Me. Every time you’re the one.”

In Luke 15:8-10 there is the parable of the woman who loses, then finds a precious, irreplaceable coin. There is great celebration when she finds it and Jesus compares it to Him going after “the one”. Now I know these parables are primarily speaking to God pursuing the lost, those who don’t know Him. But that morning it was personally comforting to me.

I left my appointment with this realization still strong in my mind. I opened the door to my van. And my ring was laying in the driver seat. Just laying there. Like it had been set down for me to find. Now I had been in my van EVERY SINGLE DAY for two weeks. It’s not a small ring. It had not been in that seat.

Perhaps it’s a small thing. But it was my “lost coin” returned to me. It felt supernatural; like one more confirmation from God that He would always come for me. And it makes the ring a bit more special.

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