Y Not Tri – Bike and Run Report

T1 –  3:39

What is there to say about transition? If you’re a triathlete, you just gasped at that transition time. No one else cares. I OBVIOUSLY wasn’t rushing. I was bent over at one point drying my feet and mentioned I was dizzy. Someone said “Um. Stand up.” Huh. Good advise. There are things I could do differently here but blah blah. Ultimately I put on shoes and a bike helmet and headed out.

Bike – 6 miles – 34:23

I expected my bike time to be slow. I expected this leg to be the most painful, both mentally and physically. And it was slow but it wasn’t painful either mentally OR physically. I was passed here. A LOT. But while that would normally bug me, it just…was. It was what was happening at that time and it did not phase me a bit. The course was flat. The day was gorgeous. There were fun, friendly people out there. I really just enjoyed pedaling along (Which could account partially for the time.) Somewhere in my last lap a woman passed me and I had the thought “I bet I can catch her.” I couldn’t. But I kept her in sight pretty much the rest of the lap. One thing to note on this part – I can NOT drink while on the bike. I can’t reach down, get my water bottle and put it back without falling over. So twice I stopped to get a drink. That probably only added a couple of minutes but it’s a skill I would like to learn. As far as my overall speed goes – that is just going to take time in the saddle.

T2- 2:12

How does it take 2 minutes to transition from bike to run when you don’t have to change shoes. Um. Hello. I had to get my earbuds in and music turned on! And say hi to my husband and son. And tell them I was NOT loading Pokemon Go while running…what? I’m not THAT casual of an athlete.

Run – 2 miles – 25:28

Ohhhh the run. The painful painful run. It was everything I expected from the bike and then some. I couldn’t catch my breath and slowed to a walk. I started a slow run and my right thigh cramped up. I slowed to a walk until it subsided then tried to run again and my side cramped. Walk…repeat…I started berating myself. My run was supposed to be strong! After what seemed like HOURS, I got to the half mile mark. Half mile. I glanced up and saw the woman who had passed me on the bike. I briefly considered trying to keep her in sight then dismissed the idea. I had decided I didn’t want to hurt. I consciously decided to “take it easy”.  But by the time I turned around and headed back, I could tell I was starting to oh so slowly gain ground on her. With a little less than a half mile to go I came along side her. She had slowed significantly and I could tell SHE had decided to embrace the hurt. I told her I had been chasing her most of the race. She said she was a slow runner and could walk faster but she had made a bet with herself. I praised her decision. I told her I didn’t care if she could walk faster, she was running and I was impressed. She didn’t seem like she wanted company. She was in a zone. So I went ahead and ran the rest of the way in. But I made sure I cheered super loud when I saw her cross the line.


I felt really good when I crossed the line although not so much when I got up from a brief nap later. And my left calf is still slightly sore. It was one of the worst cramps on the run and apparently it really was a doozy.  I briefly lamented my decision to walk so much during the last leg though. I had more to give. I was uncomfortable but not injured. But I didn’t. My final time was just over 1:18 and my first thought on seeing that was “I bet I can do it in under an hour next year.” Assuming of course that Jon is on board with the idea again. I don’t think anyone could do any distance of any race without support. And I couldn’t do it if he wasn’t okay with it.


Last time we “spoke”, I mentioned we were moving but didn’t know where we were going yet. We looked at one place that seemed certain but fell through. That was a bit disheartening but it turned out SO MUCH BETTER for us. We ended up renting a wonderful, beautiful house from friends.  It’s a LOT more space than we need but it immediately felt like home. And we’re excited to set up some extra rooms for guests and actually be able to host friends that are visiting from either across the country or, in at least one upcoming case, across the world.

In addition to moving there have been a couple of other big changes.

  • I was diagnosed with “severe diabetes”. There were almost no warning signs (my glucose was a little high once). It explains some symptoms I was having but they weren’t really bothering me. In fact, I felt AMAZING. Amazing. Until they put me on meds. Then I felt anything but amazing. But as I’ve adjusted, I’m starting to feel good again. (Assuming I eat well and work out.)
  • I am enrolled in classes for the fall semester. The original plan was to pursue a Criminal Justice degree but after much consideration, I decided that as appealing as “victim advocacy” sounded, the actual study would only be applicable domestically and probably would not do much for any work I wanted to do in the Philippines. After speaking with an advisor, I’m working with the Public Health Education program with the intention of getting a Masters. I will be taking some undergrad courses to get me up to speed and to give me time to talk to the head of the program though.

Thankfully school will start about a month after the race. I’m still training although I’ve only been running and swimming. I’m faster than I’ve ever been and watching pace numbers drop kinda makes running fun. I still have spent almost no time on the bike. I think I have a touch of trauma from the last time I rode seriously . Regardless, it’s my weakest area BY FAR right now so I have to focus on that piece the next few weeks. But once the race is over, I’ll be focusing on strength training over the winter. I’m faster than ever…I’m also weaker than ever. That was painfully apparent during the move. But spending time in a weight room is much more appealing during the cold gray months.

And that’s where we are. It’s a good place.

Happy Birthday Husband!!

Well. Apparently I haven’t written a birthday blog post for my husband since 2011.  That seems kinda odd for a bloggy wife but the archives don’t lie.

I was contemplating what to say about the man born on this date that I get to do life with. I didn’t want to write something cliche’ and cheesy. I wanted to write something that would honor and celebrate him. Then I got to thinking about a Facebook conversation that happened a few weeks ago on a friend’s status (or picture?) where she tagged her new boyfriend. Jon and I had met him and liked him. Other friends of her’s had not and there was quite a protective outcry of “is he worthy, we must meet/approve of him, etc” All were well-meaning. Most were teasing to some extent. I knew all of them and understood them. But this poor guy didn’t. And his sister that could see all of this? She knew no one involved and only saw her brother/his relationship being questioned. She very politely stepped into the thread to defend him and tell everyone that her brother was a wonderful and upstanding man. And any man that has THAT kind of good relationship with his sister(s) and/or mother is worth giving a chance.

My husband is one of those men. Although we lost his mother this year, he continues to love and honor her with his words and actions as he did during her life. (And she’s not really lost. We know where she is.)  He makes the relationships with his sisters priority, taking time to communicate and visit with them. He pours out attention onto his nieces and nephews. He talks with, teases and serves his grandmother every week.  He puts his family as a priority – the family he received through genetics & courts and the family with which he has chosen to surround himself.

I could list many of traits of my husband. But primarily – he doesn’t give up people and he knows how to love them, even through difficulties. I saw the first hints of this when I first saw the relationship he had with the women in his family and I just continue to find new depths of it. He constantly teaches me about loving people unconditionally. Today I hope he gets some of that back from those of us that love him.

Happy birthday Husband!

ABC Meme

I’ve had this sitting in my draft folder for over two years. I don’t have much else to say right now so here ya go!

Age: 37! Exactly 8 months younger than my husband. (I have NO problem disclosing my age)

Bed Size: King size. We upgraded from a queen a few months ago. It’s super comfy but I’m still not sure I like the size. It’s so big. I feel like I’m miles away from my husband.

Chore You Hate: Making the boys’ lunches. I have no idea why. Thankfully they’re old enough to do them most of time.

Dogs: We have a German shepherd named Minnie (about 7 years old). I lurve her so much.

Essential start of your day: Coffee (how cliche’, I know)

Favorite color: purple

Gold or silver: Silver, absolutely

Height: 5’3.

Instruments I play (or have played): Piano & trumpet. I would really like to play piano again. I’m just not willing to put in the time right now.

Job title: At work? Technical Records Specialist II. In reality? Wife, mom, chef, chauffeur, confidant, teacher, student

Kids: Three boys

Live: Boise ID

Mom’s name: Barbara

Nickname: Rhoni, honey, wife/wifey (seriously, my husband calls me that more than anything else)

Overnight hospital stays: once when my son was born

Pet peeve: “Where you at?” (Our crews use radios to communicate at work & we have the “base station”. I hear that a lot. It drives me nuts)

Quote from a movie: “I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I only know what I can do.”

Right or left handed: Right handed but I always thought it’d be cool to be left handed.

Siblings: two sisters, both younger

Time you wake up: On a “good” day, about 5 to have quiet time and/or work out. Usually though? 6:30

Underwear: Umm…yes. I wear it. What else do you need to know?

Vegetables you dislike: raw carrots. I’ve tried to like them. I WANT to like them.  But they taste like funeral homes smell.

What makes you run late: I’m easily distracted so…everything. My husband hates to be late though so I rarely am.

X-rays you’ve had done: teeth

Yummy food you make: I love to cook & bake so I make a lot of yummy food!

Zoo animal: penguins and giraffes are my favorites closely followed by the big cats and monkeys

Reality check

Every Thursday or Friday at work one of us (usually my supervisor) sends out an email to security and a whole list of people including muckity mucks. And often, we end up with last minute additions to that information that requires that email be resent. Sometimes, on very very rare occasions, we make a mistake that necessitates a resend. However, we strive to make sure we don’t have to resend it more than once. It just doesn’t look good.

Friday, my supervisor found an omission on the email she had originally sent. Because she was in the middle of a fairly attention necessary task, I offered to take care of it. Shortly after hitting “send”, I hear her cry out “Oh NO!” I whirled around and said “What?!!?” And she shared the news about the shooting at LAX.

My first reaction? Was relief. I thought she had found another mistake and we would need to send the email a third time. And so instead of horror or sadness or even concern for the people and families at LAX, I felt relief. That we wouldn’t look bad.

How screwed up is that? I was immediately horrified although it was more at my reaction than the events. I told my supervisor about it and she understood completely. This job, it’s wearing us down. What we do? Ultimately doesn’t matter. We keep a campus in good working order. We try to give the students a good environment to learn and socialize and grow. We make sure people have access to the buildings and rooms they need to. But in the grand scheme of things? Our jobs should not cause such stress. And we? Are easily replaceable. So why, how, do our priorities get so upside down? I don’t know. But it was a much needed reality check.

Friday Favorites

Things that made me smile or that I am grateful for in the past week:

  1. The weather. It’s been BEAUTIFUL (See this weeks’ Wordless Wednesday) – a little chilly at times – but we’ve been able to have the windows open a LOT. And even the one morning it POURED rain, the storm was impressive & needed before the clouds scuttled away to reveal a gorgeous afternoon.
  2. Saturday night was UFC. A bunch of us gathered at our friends’ house, snacks in hand. The opportunity to hang out with good friends while watching men beat each other bloody is priceless. And bonus – my husband made these Siracha Veggie Cheese Balls and Sauce.  They were surprisingly delicious. And I didn’t have to think about what to bring or make anything leaving me free to study…and watch the Ironman race. And nap.
  3. We took a small break after we stepped down as Lifegroup leaders (aka small groups or community groups or…whatever…at other churches). But Monday we attended a new one. I went reluctantly but we really enjoyed it. I think we’ve found our new home. Also – the hosts/leaders have a puppy that my husband promptly adored. The feeling was mutual.

    Mid-lick. The puppy wouldn’t hold still but trust me he is PRECIOUS. Not as cute as my husband is though.

  4. The older boys have youth group on Wed night. Jon takes them & goes to the gym while they’re busy. Which means I get to stay home (with Lilbit) and enjoy a few hours to focus on school or whatever else needs my attention. This week it was the latest episode of “Once Upon a Time”. Don’t judge. It needed my attention. (I got school done too.)
  5. I GOT AN “A” ON MY LATEST A&P TEST. It’s the first A on an (actual) test in that class. AND the class average was 79%. Not that that matters. (But it kinda does)

Hunger Games

Finally! After months of anticipation and reading the series TWICE…finally! This weekend we took the boys and met some friends and watched The Hunger Games!

And apparently I’m the only person in the country that didn’t like it. At all.

I think they did a great job of utilizing commentary during the games to explain some details. I think they did a fabulous job in casting. I understand there were ratings and time and money limitations. It’s probably a great movie separate from the book. But I simply couldn’t divorce what I had visualized & the imaginatively experienced with what was floating across the screen.

The books were chock full of pain – both physical and psychological. The characters transform and regress and evolve. They suffer. They experience psyche rending horrors and joys only appreciated in contrast. They are multi dimensional and (some are) complicated and gritty.

On screen? They were flat. Colorless. Haymitch and Effie were almost after thoughts. Relationships weren’t developed. The story was watered down. The Capital was…unimpressive. Katniss and Peeta’s entrance outfits and her dress…wimpy. The arena? A vacation spot. Their “wounds”? Surface at best.

I did tear up at the beginning when Prim’s name was called and when Katniss had to say her goodbyes. There were highlights I enjoyed….Rue peeking around a tree or in the rafters. When Kat shot the apple out of the pigs mouth. Ceasar Flickerman.

Some of the changes made sense given time and were quite well done. I liked how they incorporated conversations between Snow and Seneca Crane. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes of the game-making. But some? Totally pointless. Why change how she got the pin? Why remove Rue’s role when it helped knit them together & that is crucial down the storyline? Why not incorporate Kat’s hearing loss after the explosion…another detail that is moderately important later on?

The whole thing was…anti-climatic. Truly a let down. I shouldn’t be surprised. Only LoTR and Harry Potter have come close to living up to the books. With Hunger Games the best part was when my husband held my hand.